Prachtige vorm van storytelling door Freitag

Wat een verrassing kreeg ik deze week in mijn mailbox, na het bestellen van een nieuwe tas op de site van Freitag. Een humoristische vorm van storytelling die het kopen van een tas tot een ware beleving maakt…


Dear Fridy
Normally, our order process is carried out automatically by our system, all the way from order placement to shipping.
However, when an order from Berkel-Enschot arrived, it rang a little bell for us. It’s a beautiful spot, after all, and we almost organized last year’s employee bike ride to Berkel-Enschot. Is that small, cozy Italian restaurant still on the corner? What was it called… La Trattoria?
Unfortunately, the bike trip didn’t work out since the mayor of Berkel-Enschot decided he didn’t want to have a horde of Zurich natives with beards and sunglasses on bikes invading his community. So, we switched our trip to the Josefwiese green space instead.
Maybe it will work out next time for Berkel-Enschot.
At any rate, we wanted to say thank you.
We’ll contact you once again by email as soon as everything is packed and ready to go.
All the best from Zurich,
Your F-Crew

Een paar dagen later volgde het bericht dat de tas was verzonden. Nu kreeg ik nog meer zin in mijn nieuwe tas!

Life is a constant series of hellos and goodbyes.
Today we’re saying goodbye, since your order has now been packed. We’re closing early for the day and celebrating a final farewell with your bag or accessory. (Top song for the party:
Our trusted delivery person will show up with your order very soon and we sincerely hope that you welcome it into your life with a loving “Hello”. We foresee a long and exciting friendship between the two of you and here is the link to the route your order will take so that you’ll know when your first meeting will take place.

Thanks once more for your purchase. We hope to hear from you again soon.
All the best and goodbye from Zurich



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  1. Karen

    Foto van de tas aub!! Ik ben nu razend benieuwd. Zo’n leuk bedrijf moet wel leuke tassen maken!

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